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Planning a Fantasy Sports Platform

Fantasy Fundraising
UX Designer
IA, UX, Wireframing, Visual Design

Project Brief

I was approached by the Fantasy Fundraising team about helping to flesh out their idea for a fantasy sports platform that raises money for charity. The idea is that celebrities would partner to raise money for their charity / foundation of choice, donate experiences (win a meet and greet, get a professional photo with the celeb, signed album or jersey, etc), and then fans of the celebrity would sign up to play a one-week fantasy sports game alongside the celebrity for the chance to win.

I was able to provide initial research, IA work, UX work, and wireframes so that the front-end dev and backend-dev shop could implement the vision we hammered out for the platform.

Biggest Challenge

The development team in Michigan was building the app functionality at the same time wireframing and design was happening in Tennessee. This meant that even though I was designing workflows and getting client approvals, I would often have to modify them in an ongoing fashion as the developers decided to implement things differently in order to push-up their go-to-market time.

Research & Planning

Since we had no market research to reference, I created personas based on interviews with subject matter experts & product owners at FF. I also conducted market research on other fantasy sports platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings. From this base and the limitations from the software vendor powering the app, I generated an overall app IA mapping, planned primary user flow, and target user funnels.

Coming Soon Page

I designed a few different versions of a holding page to serve the pitch video explaining the Fantasy Fundraising concept. Though the platform wasn't ready for users, we wanted to gather email addresses of interested parties to contact when we were ready to launch our beta. The client already had a front-end dev that they had partnered with, so I worked in collaboration with him to bring these mockups to life.

Wireframing the App

In the research phase, we determined that users predominantly were on either Desktop or Mobile phone platforms. The web app is responsive across these main breakpoints.

The primary points of interest for potential players were the celebrity they could play against, what they could win, what cause they are helping, and how many players there were (what are the odds). The backend dev shop had purchased a codebase for the draft experience & payment page, so my efforts were most concentrated on the initial page, navigation to the rest of the app pages, and integrating the main points of interest into the various areas of the app.

Using low-res wireframes, I quickly iterated through many different approaches with project stakeholders until the app had the right balance of features and whitespace for clarity.