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Content as Design

If your business / product is about something, the best voice is usually a loud one. Have a product that's killer? Please - for the love of everything holy in advertising - create content and get it out into the world.

The most engaging marketing sites I've seen in the past 3 years have been kinetic. Truly interactive. Rich-content-heavy.

Whether you're a product owner, an agency, an entrepreneur... make compelling content and you'll be rewarded. Trying to "drive engagement" and measuring the success of campaigns with press, shares, kudos, awards, and such? Great content makes it truly happen. "Driving engagement" for a stale brand is a waste of everyone's time. Energizing a brand - regardless the product or service - always reaps more dividends in both short and long term for the brand and the creative producers involved.

It's 2014. Stop worrying so much about your "Likes". Generate content. Share w/ people that care and they'll take it from there. Rinse. Repeat.

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