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Design and Context

An interesting chain came through the Twitter feed recently. I've combined them below:

"I took a stab and redesigned twitter over the weekend" shows a lack of respect and understanding of what we do. Also, not knowing the real problems/constraints really means they are just inventing their own contraints. Retrofitting them to what ever looks good on a static mock. This is not what we do as designers. They are not evil, and could be a great exercises for beginners. But the should not be glorified, instead should be kept as practice behind closed doors. I see them as tools to get attention, while demeaning our work. At the end, it's a totally different app, just with the Twitter logo slapped on it to get attention. Might as well brand it as something new. But if they do that no one would pay attention to it.

— Yaron Schoen (@Yarcom) August 8, 2014

Man, I really agree. So often you see things on Dribbble like this - "My awesome Craigslist redesign" or "Redesigned this weather app" - that are just nice static comps but show no thought when it comes to interaction.

Well said, Yaron.

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