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Favorite Sketch Plugins

Plugins Are Amazeballs

Sketch is a great app. Simple, intuitive. It makes you design in vector and think in terms that the web speaks. Border-radius. Text manipulation. Effects. However, Sketch is so much more powerful with a handful of plugins. Sketch's popularity is in large part due to support for these amazing additional functionalities. Here's a collection of some of my favorites.

List of Favorite Plugins

Craft by InVision

Probably the most useful plugin there is. It's really a suite of plugins - Stock Images, Collaboration, Clickable Prototypes, the super handy sync with InVision button, and using real data to populate your prototypes. It's SOOOO good and makes Sketch 2x better by it existing.

Artboard Tricks

Easy grid and rearranging for artboards. Simple. Easy. Love it.


Easy-peasy style guide documentation. Dead simple. Just download it. It's great.

Magic Mirror

The best 3d and perspective plugin for sketch. Get your angle on. Make your 2d app screen mockups become 3d! $24 a year is totally worth it.


A plugin for managing plugins. Keep everything updated, etc. Like node package manager, but for Sketch and with a gui.

Sketch Dynamic Button 3.5

Another simple one. Create buttons with fixed padding and it expands whenever you change the text inside. Just like HTML. Beautiful.


Make sure your design makes sense for all kinds of colorblindness. No reason not to check new designs with this. Accessibility rocks.


Still in private Alpha, this plugin is basically version control with git that integrates with Sketch. Manage changes, add documentation, transparency on changes, etc. Super powerful for distributed teams and a great insurance policy against losing everything if your laptop is stolen. Much better solution than trying to work off of Dropbox or Box.com

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