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Infinite Scrolling

Finally looked at through a [critical eye](critical eye), I feel vindicated in the fact that I've been vocal in my dislike of "infinite scrolling" for content other than image galleries or blog titles. How many websites have enough quality, curated content that you just need to infinite-scroll through things? In my experience, the data is usually very trivial (see: old Facebook timeline) or it's not at a quality level worth spending time (see: affiliate marketing sites and content farms).

Even the biggest collectors of data, message boards and wikis, have a hierarchical structure to them. I'm not angry, its more like a cry for order and for people to wake up! Infinite scrolling for content other than my aforementioned "passes" is lazy IA.

Even with my Facebook example of a bad user pattern, they have started grouping by years and lazyloading content as you infinite scroll through that year. It's a shitty pattern and I'm glad that the user experience professionals that recommend it are being called out.

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