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Products vs Features

Patrick Neeman (@usabilitycounts) had a great series of posts on Twitter that really resonated with me as I'm spending more time in product-focused companies.

Most software is so hard to use, most people will be infatuated with easy to use software that solves a real problem.

Easy to use software doesn’t have to solve every need, just the core use cases well.

Users will put up with missing features if the overall product makes their life easier.

The ability to handle appropriate tech scale is also a user experience attribute. Very few know that.

Customers buy products, not features.

Yes, yes, and yes. These were a great reminder about where the focus of the product cycle should dwell: CORE FEATURES. Even early on in the product cycle, it is so easy to get side-tracked by "what if" features. Stay on target. Stay focused on what matters most and make it the best it can be. If you do it well, you'll have time for other stuff in later iterations.

All of the joyful apps I use on a daily basis seem to share a similarity - Uber, Twitter, Mailbox, Zite, TripIt, EventBrite - all are focused specifically on one type of task and helping you complete that task. Focus. Some have added more functionality over the months but they still are lean, quick, and simple. Even Facebook and Foursquare are de-coupling apps to keep them more focused on core functionality.

Thanks for the great reminder, Patrick!

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