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Starting with Ember.js

Here's a few resources that have been really helpful in picking up Ember.js.

  1. Code School's Ember Course
    With videos preceeding each section explaining what's going on and a do-it-yourself challenge after each video, this course guides you through the basics. First level is free!
  2. Smashing Magazine's Beginner Demo
    More example-based than video based, this beginner tutorial / demo is better for those that prefer self-guided examples and already have a working knowledge of things like Handlebars. Dives right in to the details.
  3. Ember Tools
    For someone that doesn't have much experience scaffolding apps, this is an amazing tool to get up and running quickly.
  4. Ember.js Guides
    On the official site - it makes sense that these tutorials would be both helpful and easily available.
  5. Ember.js Cookbook
    Invaluable for solving specific problems in Ember. Don't reinvent the wheel, just follow the best practice!

One-line local server, Serve Install with

npm install -g serve

then run in terminal (and specify whatever port by number) with

serve -p 3000<
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