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The Process of Learning What You Love

Many people may say that they love the job they’re doing but how many people can truly say that they are doing what they love? Semantics aside, most people haven’t made the conscious effort to check and see.

Learning what you know requires you to do many things you think you like but, in practice, don’t really enjoy. Humans do this all the time - thinking that they’d really love to sail around the world or get a job as an archaeologist and dig up dinosaur bones. Have they ever spent time learning about how to care for a boat and to work on repairing leaks or fixing engines / sails? Have they gone out to digs as a volunteer and weathered the heat and dirt for several 14 hour days in a row?

Seemingly, the only road to bliss is a painful one. Diving into what you want to do with full commitment and open mind is really the only way to see if it’s what you want to spend 40+ hours a week doing. If it’s not, persue the next thing you are striving to achieve.

In my career, I jumped from graphic designer to web designer to search marketing manager to ux designer to usability practitioner to jack-of-all-UI/UX-designers to front end developer to software engineer. I’m still in the learning process, but I am closer to knowing what I truly love to do than ever before.

Do what you think you want to do, and when that turns out to not be exactly what you want - pivot to something else. In a few years, I may go back to UX testing and product improvement. I may enjoy the application building process and wean myself off design. Only the future knows where the pain will guide.

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