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Work Done By Hand

Never underestimate the value of work done by hand. Sure, you can buy a website template from somebody that might fit your purposes. Will it do the job? Yeah. Will it make you stand out from the pack? Nope.

Whether a good is tangible or if it is digital, you can rely on ingenuity, and craft as your most distinguishing factors in the marketplace. In a global economy, the only reason someone notices a new product from a new company is if its done better than anything preceeding it or if it's done differently than anyone has done before.

Why do people buy $30 bottles of artisinal olive oil? The handmade craft and high quality of the fair-trade olives. Why pay $50/mo for Ancestry.com? Because it's better than any other resource out there.

Take the time, scrape together the budget, and make something better than it's ever done before. More likely than not, you'll impress a few people. You'll definitely be a better professional and a better person because of it.

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